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Ithra Library for Science and Digital Culture is a leading and promising company in preparing enrichment materials that support educational curricula and databases. The company has extensive qualitative experience in this field, and relies on a team of educational experts, writers, artists, and technicians who are able to achieve the highest levels of quality in its products. Ithra Library for Science is proud of Digital culture is the largest collection of Arabic content selected with the utmost precision to suit the tastes of the Arab reader throughout the Arab world.

الشمس التقنية للاستثمار

Our Mission

Ithra for Science and Culture aims to be the largest Arabic content aggregator with high-quality selections to make the most of resources

Our vision

Opening all education channels and knowledge valleys and facilitating education using high-quality and updated e-learning tools


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Our achievements

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Why enrich science and culture?

  • Unique Arabic content.
  • High quality content.
  • It covers many different scientific and cognitive fields.
  • Easy and standard user interface.
  • Growth at a high rate.
  • Ease of use
  • Flexible pricing policies.
  • Intellectual property rights applicable.
  • Easy integration with digital libraries.

Ithraa database for science and culture

The Ithraa database for science and culture is one of the largest databases that can benefit Arab scholars, researchers, and readers in general. As the general trend in our Arab societies is in the context of interest in increasing knowledge and awareness of the Arab person, the Ithraa Library for Science and Digital Culture has created the Ithraa database. For science and culture, so that the Arab reader and researcher can read and research distinct Arabic content. The database contains the latest editions of Arabic books and periodicals from their sources and Arab publishing houses, as the Ithra Library for Science and Digital Culture has deep, good relations with all Arab publishers, which has enabled it to quickly bring Outstanding Arabic content.

Academic enrichment

Enrichment Academy platform is a smart platform

  • Facilitating the availability of academic courses for university professors.
  • The student was able to download it securely, guaranteeing the intellectual property rights of the professors.
  • An interactive environment that allows adding question banks and supporting educational materials through the university professor’s page. It also provides direct communication between the student and the professor.

Knowledge platforms

A platform for the Arab author and publisher who seeks to transform all paper documents and publications into electronic rules and platforms that are easy to deal with and search through, by publishing his works and products, taking them out of their narrow paper space, and opening new horizons to reach all concerned parties, including ministries, bodies, and individuals. Knowledge platforms also provide their partners with a set of guarantees and services that can be summarized as follows:

  • Enabling the publisher or author to open his own page on the base, which he can manage himself with complete privacy and security, and enabling him to follow usage reports and payments moment by moment.
  • The publisher or author uploads his publications directly to the database and determines the subscription value.
  • The publisher or author is responsible for introducing and advertising his page, and marketing his books and writings.

Development principles

  • Ease of use.
  • High capabilities for advanced search.
  • Many options for availability (browsing, downloading, printing).
  • Periodicals can be retrieved by article.
  • Books can be retrieved by chapter titles.
  • Preserving the intellectual property rights of publishers.
  • Diversity from different fields of culture and science.
  • Most content is full-text searchable .

Foundations of database development?

Ease of use


Editorial processing


The importance of databases

  • Databases greatly help to speed up the process of accessing the data they contain, as the necessary data is collected so that it facilitates the process of accessing it, processing it, or employing it in various works in the future.
  • Databases greatly facilitate the process of modifying this data in the future and greatly facilitate the process of making the necessary updates, in addition to facilitating the process of deletion or addition.
  • Databases help in answering any question or inquiry directly related to the data that is saved and stored within these rules, at any time. They also help in coordinating and compiling large data in a hierarchical manner.

To facilitate our esteemed researchers, the Ithraa Science and Culture database has been divided into several sectors


Ithra database for science and culture




Periodicals 2,706
Journal articles 23,592
Arabic newspapers 12,448
Languages, arts and literature 35,746
social science 17,429
Religions and Islamic sciences 19,986
Stories and novels 12,026
Arab magazines 9,653
Engineering and applied sciences 6,346
School library 9,314
Dictionaries, glossaries and guides 6,035
Geography and history 5,731
Conference research 788
Pure science 1,879
Administration and Economics 1,903
General journal articles 1,175
Sharia Law 2,011
People of determination 784
Generalities and selections 1,360
General periodicals 101
scientific messages 73
Arabic manuscripts 840
Addiction 316
conferences 17
the pictures 560
Agricultural group 1,110
Total 173,928

Database or file system?

Database languages

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