Website design and development

Website design and development

Customize integrated web solutions that reflect your business vision and achieve your digital goals efficiently

Based on the accumulated experience and capabilities of the design team at Shams Information Technology, which we have acquired and developed through our work by providing more than 800 websites so far in various fields, we provide professional website design and development services to all organizations that wish to build websites. With the latest international specifications. The Internet with the most professional programs and special effects to demonstrate the level of sophistication and the capabilities of the design team and develop the experience to fully guarantee the quality of the final product

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Steps to design a website

The first step – understanding and analysis

We discuss with the client and determine the site requirements (number of pages – product gallery – films – animation level of interaction on the Internet, search engines, chat rooms, etc.) and then collect full information about the goals and objectives of the client’s activity requirements.

Step Two – Design and Development

Based on our understanding and analysis of the client’s requirements, we prepare a site demo plan that reflects a first-hand look at what the site will look like before starting the actual design. The goals of the site and how to achieve them must be determined. Even if your website is simple and contains your project, it is important that it matches your current and future goals. Demo design will help you understand the website and when you get your approval, we design the entire website to meet your desired needs.

Step 3 – Test and Deploy

During testing and deployment, we provide the entire site on a trial basis, to test the site’s features, to include ease of use and quality of performance, and to make any changes that the customer sees. With more than 9 years of experience in the field of programming and design, we were able to develop and extract them from any programming language in a professional manner and make the ideas a reality befitting the professional design designed specifically for them.

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