Web Design and Development


Website design

Website design is considered the port through which the organization interact with customers, that represent attraction method which has the power to impress and express their ideas and products, works to increase visitor interaction with the departments and various pages of the website and easily access what he wants from the website.


Design features in shams it:

  • Attractive colors and suitable for the site.
  • Design compatible with all browsers.
  • Works with all sizes on all modern devices like computer, tablet and smartphones.
  • Taking into account the download speed in all site pages.
  • Distribution of elements in the designs properly and taking into account the ease of navigation and access to every part of Active.
  • New ideas and designs for a variety of unique and distinct.

Logo Design

  • Design logos attractive and distinctive.
  • Creative ideas that reflect the company's goals and ambitions.
  • Less time in the design and atmosphere of your own with higher quality.
  • Let your visitors or customers remember your site.
  • Analysis customer desire before starting work.
  • Logo is not just a shape , icon or name-decorated, it is the philosophy of the company's activity and its services in a way linked in the mind of the visitor.

Website Development

shams-it has a group of professional tools that help to provide the best quality in the field of web development.


Intrusion protection:

  • Securing internal pages of the site.
  • Fill all the gaps.
  • Securing site data.
  • Provide backup copies permanently to avoid losing files.
  • Protection and encryption site control panel.
  • Securing databases from theft or loss.

In short, the compiler of the production process within shams-it

Analysis customer's requirements

Analysis the client requirements and his own ideas for site sections and pages and the development of better perceptions of the technical implementation of these requirements.


Design and development

Use of modern technologies in the implementation of what has been reached in the analysis process, and to start implementing the design and programming.


Test Site

Site is uploaded on its own server and linked by domain to be handed over to the client to review it and make observations about the site.


Technical Support

After site delivery the site entering in the service of technical support for one year free of charge in the event of any problems with programming.