Payment methods

Payment methods and contracting

Shams IT relies on various payment methods while contracting with clients. These methods are Deposit, Bank transfer, Postal transfer, VISA cards, Master card and transfer througth exchange companies in in the Arab world. These methods are safe and suitable for all individuals and all what you have to do is to choose the appropriate method for you. Methods details as follows:

Bank Payment

National Bank of Egypt

  • Account Number : 1823010352551400015
  • Name : Mahmoud Moharam Mohamed
  • Branch : 6 October

Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt

  • Account Number: 85641
  • Name:Mahmoud Moharam Mohamed
  • Branch:The main branch of Mansoura

Western Union

  • Name : Mahmoud Moharam Mohamed
  • Coutry : Egypt
  • City : Mansoura

United Bank

  • Account number: 001-622685-0007
  • Name: Shams IT
  • Branch: Mansoura Islamic Branch

Egyptian Post Payment

Egyptian Post

  • Name :Mahmoud Moharam Mohamed
  • Office :Mansoura main Post Office

Mail Payment


  • ccount : Visit the site


  • Account :

Skrill ( monybookers )

  • Account :
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