Why Shams-it

Because the client has the right when dissatisfaction with the service provided to recover the amount paid in full and cancel the contract within 30 days of contract.

Because domain after purchased will owend to the client and can be restored at any time.

Because we are committed to maintain the confidentiality of customer data from loss or spread during the period of work, and the customer should change it after the completion of the project.

Because we are committed to maintaining the intellectual property of the client and not used in any other business.

Because our support is Free for programming for one year from the date of delivery of the site.

Because the design either web design or logo is subject to analysis of the client's needs.

Because when hosting service stop a full day as a result of maintenance work the company compensate the client three days added to the contracted time.

Because our hosting service operating at 99% of the contracted period as in the global averages.