Site Manager


Sites Management

The content provided by any site is the spirit that make it lives out among other sites on the Internet, and remains able to survive and compete with the rest of the websites that offer the same content, and with increasing the number of websites in every field. Competition has became stronger and every website is supposed to represent the best to satisfy the wishes of the visitors.

sites management Service working on updating the site content is constantly renewed, making it abreast of events and all that is new, giving vitality to the site and leave a good impression with visitors.


Website Management in shams-it is including a group of functions which represents in the following:

  • Add a variety and high-quality images that commensurate with the topics presented on the site.
  • Add topics to the forum continuously with the most attractive selection of topics for visitors.
  • The ability to scan the market to accept new product or service.
  • Add research, information or reports in a coordinated that compitable with the material presented on the site.
  • Add new music and new songs and new lessons and lectures.
  • Follow-up statistics site or forum to find out the sections that need to develop.
  • follow the new members Additions,subjects and comments and approved after review.