Postat sharek light

Postat Sharek lite is an application on Facebook that allows users to subscribe to this application and all publications published by this application are sent to subscribers on theirpersonal pages .

Technical Support

Enjoy limitless Technical Support Service on «Postat Sharek lite» product from programming errors.

Free update

Get all free updates on «Postat Sharek lite» product without having to buy new releases.


Be reassured «Postat Sharek lite»product is based programming that protected from hackers.

Receive within 3 days

Receive «Postat Sharek lite» product within 3 days from your request .

You can

Showing your application to people through the usual web link as shown in the picture and when you buy the application of the "Sharek lite" it is placed on your site or hosting ,if you have a website and domain could we install it for you for free but if you do not have Shams IT company presents "Integrated Services" to "Postat Sharek lite" such as PackagesHosting and Registration Domain.

Or you can

Showing your application to people through a link on Facebook directly and this increases the interaction of subscribers with the application and also through request Hosting service and Domain from Shams IT

Appearance Settings :

Appearance settings, or general settings, especially the main interface and the external site that appear to subscribers such as:
• upload your company logo.
• put brief summary about the company or the target of the application.
• Put your facebook page link.
• Put your twitter page link.
• Put site manager mail link.

Add Post :

When you add the Post, you can choose the Post type whether an image or link and you can also upload a picture or put a direct link to the image, and before save you can send it directly or leave it until needed at another time.

Posts list:

Posts list shows the posts that have not sent yet and you can edit before sending any Post or permanently deleted or sent directly.